Circumnavigation as Art

circumnavigation Milan Atanaskovic



Milan Atanaskovic 2015 – 2025

Around the World Trip as Art



Preparations are underway for a major artistic project launched by Milan Atanaskovic, a post-conceptual artist of Serbian origin who lives and works in Paris.

For the first time, a trip around the world will be conducted as an artwork. The aim of this project is to uncover different aspects of the artistic side of one of the most important phenomena of the modern world: TRAVELING. The trip will be conducted on a 12-meter sailing boat, starting in Ithaca, the home of Odysseus. The boat will be GPS tracked and the artist will transmit continuous online updates via internet. During the trip, a large volume of video and photo material will be collected and various guests will be invited to share some of the stages of this journey. With his guests, the artist will engage in discussions on a whole range of contemporary topics and issues, such as philosophical, demographic, historical, sociological, biological, oceanographic, meteorological, ecological and others. This mega-performance deals with different important trends such as the global transition, bridging the borders, overcoming challenges, climate changes etc.

We are currently organizing the sponsorship team and looking for interested organizations and individuals to take part in our project.

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