Modul of the 21st century, TV story, Collection of entropy, Rabies

  1. Modul of the 21st century /labourers container, various materials
    / 450x210x250 cm /2001.
  2. TV story /syringe, red liquid, metal ball, feather
    / 15x15x5 cm /2001.
  3. Collection of entropy/ glass jars, metal, rust, hair, feather, spaghetti, plastic gloves, syringe, organic materials, formalin
    / 150x36x20 cm / 2001.
  4. Rabies, or memory on dinner for two / cat, cognac, formalin, glass jars, metal goblet, condom, nipple, saliva, blud, heart, sperm, velvet, wooden table. / 56x56x120 cm / 2001.
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