Milan Atanaskovic was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1961. He studied History of Art at the Faculty of Philosophy at Belgrade University 1979-1982. 1981-1986 studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Belgrade University of Arts. 1984-1985 visiting student at the “Ecole des Beaux Arts” in Paris, drawing department. Postgraduate study at Belgrade Faculty of Fine Arts, department for sculpture. Since 1986 member of ULUS (Association of Fine artists of Serbia). 1992 – 2002 works as founder, coowner and Editor in Chief of TV channel specializing in art and culture “Art TV”. 1998 builds his own art studio, hangar on the outskirts of Belgrade and founds the ZERO SYSTEM. Founded the project “Television as art” in Paris 2005. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions and launched several art projects.



1985. Paris, Drawings /with A. Saranovic and N. Vukadinovic / Gallery A.C.Y.
1986. Belgrade, Melancholy / with A. Saranovic/, Gallery FLU, The Faculty of Fine Arts
1987. Sombor, Paintings, House of Yugoslav National Army
1988. Belgrade, Takhar, Gallery SKC, Students Cultural Centre
1989. Belgrade, Omen, Omen
1991. Belgrade, Robin Hood, Storehouse in Dunavska street
1994. Belgrade, Standardconcrete, Captain’s old Office Gallery and factory Standardconcrete
1995. Belgrade, Europe, Gallery House of youth of Belgrade
1995. Belgrade, Museum of industrial archeology, Old shugar factory
2000. Belgrade, Zero, Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art
2001. Belgrade, Module, square in front of the National Museum
2003/2004, Paris, Artcore Gallery
2011, Paris, Larcade Gallery



1998 Belgrade, ZERO SYSTEM
2005-2015, Paris, Television as art (work in progress) Art Channel / Art TV /
2007-2011 Carrefour / Paris / Madrid / Lisbon
2012, Paris, Streetvideoart, Larcade Gallery / Gallery White Project
2015, Paris, Circumnavigation as art



1985. Paris, Salon Montrouge
1986. Belgrade, Line EX
1991. Belgrade, From the machine to the … Gallery KCB, Belgrade Cultural Centre
2001. Belgrade, Sintaxes of Deaths, House of Duchess Ljubica
2004, Château Esquelbeck, France
2009 – 2015, Sceaux, France, Bloc-House / Noir / Co-Incidences/ To be a Sticler / Archipel



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